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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 21, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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he's an overachiever. look forward to seeing what he does in his career. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. see you in a couple hours on "the five." meantime, here's trace gallagher in for shep. >> lawmakers on the hill hearing from our nation's top national security officials. on the table, iran and what is next after weeks of tension. another house hearing, another no show. former white house lawyer don mcgahn leaving lawmakers with nothing to look at but an empty seat. democrats say buckle up because showing up is not optional. >> let me be clear. this committee will hear mr. mcgahn's testimony even if we have to go to court to secure it. >> reaction from all sides coming up. rescue crews working overtime, pulling people from flood waters. even after dozens of twisters reportedly ripped through several states, mother nature is
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not done yet. and there is no running from batman! or a guy with his wheels. >> i don't know what the guy was thinking or he must have been going about 60. >> ahead, the hero we all need on the road. >> we begin with breaking news on capitol hill. right now trump administration officials set to brief the senate on tensions with iran. that closed-door session coming off a similar briefing with members of the house. president trump saying if iran provokes the united states, he will have no choice but to respond but with great force. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the past several weeks, the united states has sent warships and bombers to the middle east after defense officials warn of credible but unspecified threats from iran.
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tehran pulled out of parts of the iran nuclear deal and the u.s. responded to that with new sanctions. yesterday tehran announced it quadrupled their uranium production as president trump and the iranian foreign minister exchanged threats. all of this prompting concern from some lawmakers about the possibility of military action. though president trump says he's still willing to talk with iran. the national security correspondent jennifer griffin reporting live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> trace, that briefing for house lawmakers started at 1:30. we're starting to hear some reaction from both democrats and republicans that heard the acting defense secretary patrick shanahan and secretary of state mike pompeo and joe dunford. they're briefing the senate. we just heard from the house armed services chairman, adam smith, who expected frustration for why it took so long, two weeks, for the pentagon and secretary state to come up and
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brief them. he said he was not totally convinced and didn't understand where the maximum pressure campaign pressure was going. he worried about miscalculation on both sides. >> what our maximum pressure campaign has done in terms of achieving our objectives i have not seen and not very enlightening. >> there's so much skepticism that democratic lawmakers also invited former cia director john brennan and former state department ambassador wendy sherman who negotiated the nuclear deal with iran to answer lawmakers questions as well. democratic lawmakers that have served in the military or intelligence community like iraq war veteran says senator lindsey graham is twisting the intelligence. he accused other republicans of twisting the intelligence that led the pentagon to this point with the iranians. others say there's concerned there's no hotline between washington on tehran.
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iran's foreign minister says he's not interested in escalation. >> having all of these military assets in a small water bay is prone to accident, particularly when you have people interested in accidents. so extreme prudence is required and we believe that the united states is playing a very, very dangerous game. >> the u.s.s. abraham lincoln has avoided crossing into the gulf and remaining in the arabian sea. trace? >> jennifer, what is the mood at the pentagon? >> i have a sense that officials are trying to tamp down the tension. president trump's acting defense secretary spoke outside the hill to brief lawmakers. he said the threat from iran is high, but the american forces he ordered to the region might have helped decrease that threat. >> we've put on hold the potential for attacks on
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americans. we talked about those threats and there were attacks. i want to underscore the culpability of the intelligence. >> but the u.s. and iran don't have a clear face-saving way out. general joe dunford just announced today that he's cancelling a trip to nato in europe tomorrow due to unforeseen commitments that require him to remain in wra wrash -- washington d.c. >> we're not interested in escalation. we will defend ourselves. >> iran hases will rejected talking to the trump administration until it says the white house shows it respect. trace? >> jennifer griffin, live. thank you. link bring in michael singh from the national security council and current managing director of the washington instituted. good to see you, michael.
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patrick shanahan brings up an interesting point. since we sent that carrier strike force and that bomber regime, there's no new threats. he thinks that might have tamped things down. your thoughts? >> it's entirely possible. the way i read this is after the u.s. decided to double down on sanctions saying we're going to try to drive their oil exports to zero, it's credible the iranians would have been looking for ways to retaliate. sure enough, we saw these attacks on tankers, an attack on an oil pipeline. we saw the u.s. deploying military as sets to try to deter iran and dissuade them from any further military actions, any further acts of sabotage. that type of deterrence can work. it's not an indication that a war is imminent.
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sometimes it can help stabilize things. >> we talked about no hotline between tehran and washington, michael. it's interesting the president says any provocation will be met with great force. on the other hand, he says he's willing to negotiate. doesn't seem like we're at either one of those polls. do you see middle ground nor the time be something. >> you know, it's hard to see that right now, trace. i think that our message has been a bit confused. it is important to make clear that we're not looking for a war. we will respond with force if necessary. i think that is a message that they have to stick to. i think that the administration had been hoping that sanctions pressure would bring iran to the table. sanctions take time to work. now iran by announcing they'll ramp up their nuclear program have sped things up. >> you make a good point.
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i wanted to get your thoughts on quadrupling of its uranium enrichment. what do you think about that prospect? >> it's hard to know how much stock to put in that. iran has been producing uranium at a low rate. producing that wouldn't get them into trouble with the agreement until some time. it's hard to know what is bluster to get leverage and how much represents a kind of imminent threat to the nuclear deal and sort of a nuclear risk. >> even if it's bluster, what does it say? what is the message from iran? >> the message is iran recognizes that ramping up nuclear activity is the best leverage they have. gets the attention of other countri countries. it's out of the north korean playbook. you create a provocation to get others to pay you off. that's the signal.
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iranians say we can threaten your security if you don't relent and do something to basically provide us with benefits. >> do you see a stretching of this out where iran says, you know what? we're about 16 months away from the 2020 election. maybe we wait this out and hope somebody comes in and replaces president trump and we can go back to the nuclear deal? >> i think that had been iran's strategy. wait him out and with confident that a democratic successor would come back to the nuclear agreement. probably driving the oil down to zero is probably less atenable. they're trying to get the u.s. to back off on the sanctions, get president trump to relent and maybe get the europeans to step in with new benefits to fill that space between now and then. >> i have to go, michael. are you concerned about some type of military action?
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>> i'm not concerned about sort of a planned or sort of desire for war on either side. what i'm concerned about, trace, in this environment where each side is trying to deter, yes, escalation is an -- is a possibility. >> thanks, sir. >> thank you. >> ahead, we're tracking developments from the white house after a federal judge ruled lawmakers can demand records from the president's accountant. now the trump team fires back. and don mcgahn a no show at a house hearing despite a subpoena and a threat of content. what happens now? a live look over canadian county, oklahoma west of oklahoma city. have you seen these pictures? first it was tornado threats and now the water, the flash flooding. the water is rising. the rescues have been absolutely amazing.
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a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> trace: former white house counsel don mcgahn was a no show today. jerry nadler of new york warning that lawmakers will vote to hold him in contempt of congress for defying the subpoena. doug collins of georgia accusing nadler of wanting a public fight over fact finding. the chief intelligence co correspondent catherine herridge reporting live. >> there was an empty seat for don mcgahn. jerry nadler said there will be consequences. and now the next steps are going to court and fighting the administration on the executive privilege claim. >> let me be clear, this committee will hear mr. mcgahn's
12:16 pm
testimony even if we have to go to court to secure it. we will not allow the president to prevent the american people from hearing from this witness. >> trace: the white house had instructed don mcgahn to provide reports based on the argument that the white house cooperated with the special counsel, allowing mcgahn to speak freely about his conversations with the special counsel investigators and more than a million records were provided. nadler brushed aside the claims as stone walling. >> we will not allow the president to block congressional subpoenas, putting himself and his allies above the law. >> no timetable is set. we expect next steps after the recess to be early july, shep. trace, pardon me. >> trace: no doubt. republicans are pushing back now. >> the ranking republican is doug collins. he called out the democrats accusing nadler and others of putting speed and headlines
12:17 pm
ahead of serious negotiations to reach an accommodation with the white house for mcgahn. collins accused the democrats of kicking the can down the road. negotiations continue for robert mueller, but collins said his colleagues don't want to hear from the messenger. >> whatever your opinion on the mueller report, great. glad you have it. you didn't get it here today and you're not getting it from this committee because the committee doesn't like the author of the report. they just want to talk about the report and attack the president. >> republicans are pointing to what they call a double standard. under the last administration, ben rhodes was shielded citing executive privilege and did not testify on a wide range of issues, particularly on the media strategy with iran, trace. >> trace: thanks, catherine. thank you. attorneys for president trump appealing a federal judge's decision upholding a subpoena for the president's financial records. they're accusing democrats of
12:18 pm
trying to dig up damaging information ahead of the 2020 presidential election. john roberts reporting live from the north lawn. john? >> trace, good afternoon to you. today the president's attorney appealed to the d.c. circuit court of appeals. a judgment that was rendered yesterday by d.c. federal district judge meda. they went to the judge asking for a temporary injunction blocking a subpoena of the trump organization accounting firm. the subpoena was asking for all kinds of financial information. in denying the injunction, the judge said it's not fathomable that a constitution that grants a power to remove the president would deny congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct past or present, even without formally opening an
12:19 pm
impeachment inquiry. the president said the request is way out of bounds because it requests financial information on every company the president is involved in and seeks the financial information of all of his children as well. here's the president's reaction to the ruling. >> well, we disagree with the ruling. it's crazy. you look at it, this never happened to any other president. they're trying to get a redo. they're trying to get what we used to call in school a do-over. it's the wrong decision by obviously an obama appointed judge. >> the committee chairman, elijah cummings, said -- >> the president as i said has appealed to the d.c. circuit court of appeals where it just
12:20 pm
happens that the chief judge is merrick garland, who you'll remember was blocked by republicans in his nomination to the supreme court by president obama in his final year in office. not to say that judge garland would rule on anything political but shows how small a town the nation's capitol is, trace. >> trace: it is a small town. thanks, john roberts. extreme weather continuing to slam the southern planes. crews rescuing folks from flooding. dozens of tornadoes reported since friday. imagine the dichotomy, tornadoes are coming, get in the storm shelters and then you have to worry about flash flooding. we'll have team fox coverage from the hardest hit areas coming up. yesss, i'm doing it all. the water. the exercise.
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>> trace: yeah, more dangerous weather threatening the southern planes after dozens of tornadoes touches down. the national weather service has issued tornado watches for parts of arkansas and missouri. folks in oklahoma city dealing with major flooding. we've been watching crews make water rescues all day long. about 100 miles north and east of oklahoma city and tulsa. the national weather service confirms a tornado touched down near the airport, shutting down a highway there where one person was injured. matt finn reporting live in tulsa. first, to steve harrigan live in stillwater. the real danger right now is clearly flooding. >> that's right, trace. despite the fact that most of the tornadoes are gone from oklahoma, the sun has come back out after four days of gray
12:26 pm
skies. the real danger is flooding and it's getting worse. the situation has gotten worse since this morning. it's a road but now it's a river and the current is getting stronger. the tornadoes brought with them 5-10 inches of rain creating deadly flash flooding shutting down major highways. officials are warning the flash flood risks could get more dangerous in the evening hours today. trace? >> trace: and they were saying, steve, this storm could be deadly. fortunately that didn't happen for the most part. still, a very serious storm. >> a number of tornadoes touched down but not as bad as expected. you have to give credit to the early warnings. the publicity was out there, people were told and ready, a
12:27 pm
lot of people had to make a split second decision to determine whether their families lived or died. they had a plan like this woman. >> i told my son and grand daughter to get in the bathroom. we pulled the mattress in. we heard a boom boom boom. probably lasted 30, 40 seconds. i had a pine tree in my front door. >> we're hearing a number of stories like that. people that had a plan and have been through the tornadoes. they know what one looks like. they reacted quickly to save themselves and their families. we've seen a number of rescues, too. local fire stations out overnight and into the day pulling people, especially senior citizens out from houses, either trapped by the water or damaged by the wind. trace? >> trace: amazing. the national weather service saying it was a 95% probability that these actual tornadoes
12:28 pm
would hit. steve harrigan live. now let's go to tulsa where matt finn is reporting live. matt? >> trace, here in tulsa, the skies have finally started to clear. last night it was torrential downpour and the sirens echoing through the sky. the national weather service says a tornado touched down this morning and many neighbors this area says it seems like a twister blew through here. that is being confirmed right now. there's downed power lines, downed trees. the recovery is underway right now, this one house in particular, multiple people of a single family had to be rescued. a young neighbor that rushed to help. >> we were waiting for the ambulance and fire department to
12:29 pm
come. we helped -- we picked up the kids but couldn't get the man. it was terrifying. the man was yelling help. he sounded terrified in there. >> trace, a lot of damage. fortunately no deaths at this hour. >> yeah, that is good news. the officials in tulsa say more than one tornado may have touched down, right? >> so far the national weather service has confirmed the tornado at the airport and city officials tell fox news that they're working to analyze three different twisters that touched down. the city of tulsa is hosting a 3:00 p.m. local time press conference where we expect to learn more about the damage and destruction here in oklahoma, trace. >> matt finn live for us in tulsa. thank you. also warnings going to moore, oklahoma. in 2013, 24 people were killed in moore. let's go to adam klotz with the
12:30 pm
forecast. adam? >> this entire system still on the move. we're watching it track to the east. now everything highlighted in this red box is an area that we're looking at a tornado watch in place. portions of arkansas, missouri. actually the pink highlighted area, that is a tornado-warned storm right now. these are popping up every once in a while. the system has weakend. part of it is just the flooding, this is the rain from yesterday. looking at northern oklahoma, kansas. spots where you saw anywhere from four to eight inches of precipitation, that has led to a lot of flooding and more heavy rain on the way as this slow mover continues off. flood advisories stretching from oklahoma all the way to illinois. a slow-moving system will drop a lot of rain on areas that have been saturated from a soggy spring already. it's something to pay attention to. here's your forecast model. you can pay attention to the time stamp in the corner. the slow mover in illinois,
12:31 pm
through the overnight hours, towards indiana. it weakens a little bit. there's still a risk here of some severe weather. maybe an isolated tornado is possible. at this point, trace, it's possibly hail, winds still getting up to 60 miles an hour. and the flooding will be an issue as we're looking for another 4 to 8 inches as this system moves to the east. trace? >> trace: comes down off of the hills, bad news. thanks, adam. protesters coming out across the country several states pass strict abortion laws. a federal judge hearing arguments against one state's heartbeat bill. congressional leaders and members of the administration looking for a possible deal on spending that would keep the government from shutting down. but can they find common ground when it comes to how they spend your tax dollars? next. oh! oh!
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>> trace: demonstrations happening today outside of the supreme court and in several u.s. cities. protesters calling on states to stop the ban on abortions. this as a judge is hearing a case about the banned abortion law. it begins when doctors can detect a fetal heartbeat at six weeks when women might not know they're pregnant. the same judge struck down a bill that banned abortions at the 15-week mark. mississippi one of a handful of states to pass strict abortion laws and several others are considering similar heartbeat bills so they're called potentially putting the issue on a collision course with the supreme court. katie is here, a former federal prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney. it's interesting. in recent years, katie, the states have tried to whittle away at abortion rights. not going after and changing laws but going after abortion clinics and doctors are regulations and they've been successful in some cases.
12:37 pm
now it's going after roe v. wade. >> it's true. the point is right now the supreme court's precedent is very clear. there's no bans that are going to be upheld before the point of viability. so that is what the supreme court's case law is. all of the statutes is the point is to get them before the supreme court. the lower courts have no choice but to strike them down because they're inconsistent. >> they think they have the perfect balance. five conservative justices and now is the time to go after roe v. wade. maybe it's vulnerable but doesn't always work out like that. >> there's a possibility that the supreme court could take the case and could get enough votes in their favor. but there's a lot of steps to go. last year the supreme court declined to hear no north dakota law. that killed the law dead in the water. so there's no guarantee that even if the supreme court reviews it that they're going to
12:38 pm
have the votes on their side. >> trace: what if the supreme court doesn't take it up? is there a chance that they can gradually go after the rights by giving states more power? >> a lot of people think, myself included, a better strategy for people that want to limit abortion, if you will, have to make laws that are a bit more restrictive but not full-on bans. the supreme court could uphold those laws as being consistent with roe v. wade. but these bans that prohibit abortion altogether, that will be struck down across the board. >> trace: yeah, alabama criminalizes it. year talking about 99 years for doctors that perform abortions. even some on the far right said that's too extreme. seems like this might be miscalculating on the part of pro life. this could backfire. this could lead to roe being in
12:39 pm
place a lot longer. >> that's true. if the case goes through and petition the supreme court and the supreme court denies review, that's the end of the road for it. the supreme court's precedence stays in play that says there cannot be bans before viability, which is considered to be 23 to 24 weeks. so these bills are never going to pass that muster at this point. >> katie cherkasky, thank you. two more parents in the college admissions scandal pleading guilty. one of them a prominent lawyer from greenwich, connecticut. he paid $75,000 to have somebody correct his daughter's act exam. another, a napa valley wine maker. he dropped tens of thousands to have sat administrators correct his daughters test.
12:40 pm
both men charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. prosecutors recommending jail time for both. sentencing is now scheduled in october. well, california is now suing to block the trump administration from cancelling nearly a billion dollars in federal funds for the state's high speed rail project. the feds announced the state had not made enough progress on it, so they were pulling the funding awarded nearly a decade ago. crews have to complete a segment of the track by 2022 for the money to come through but the administration says that won't happen. the president is retaliating against california because of the state's criticism of his immigration policies. you ever have an argument about, you know, how to spend money? congress knows how you feel. republican and democratic leaders trying to work out a deal on how to spend your tax dollars. if they can't, that can be trouble.
12:41 pm
hillary vaughn reporting live from capitol hill. hillary, explain what they've been trying to work out here. >> trace, we just heard from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell that he is optimistic that they will be able to reach a deal with democratic leadership by the end of the day. what that deal would be a two-year spending agreement. the big four, mitch mcconnell, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, kevin mccarthy met with members from the white house, the chief of staff, mick mulvaney and steven mnuchin. mitch mcconnell said republicans are anxious to reach an agreement. >> very encouraging meeting in the speaker's office this morning. we're anxious to reach a caps agreement. we met for two hours. our hope is to make a deal before the day is over. >> chuck schumer saying they have details to work out here over domestic spending. schumer says raising the debt
12:42 pm
limit would be a part of this package that is being negotiated right now. the big question from republicans and democrats is will the president sign what congress puts on his desk. >> trust by verify. we'll have to wait and see. obviously we need the president to publicly sign off on whatever we agree to. i think they realize the republican leadership and the white house that when mitch mcconnell -- sorry. when president trump shut down the government and our republican friends went along with that, didn't serve them very well. >> on his way out, steven mnuchin saying that they did make progress. they'll be back in a half an hour to continue negotiations, trace. >> trace: hillary, if they can't make a deal, what then? >> the one thing that republicans in congress want to avoid is sequestration. this is the best move that they have to negotiate with house democrats to work out a deal. they don't want to move into
12:43 pm
sequestration, trace. >> trace: hillary vaughn live for us. thank you. a record number of migrant families from central america are crossing the border into the united states and border patrol agents say the detention facilities are so crowded, they're dropping some migrants off at bus stations. details on that ahead. geico makes it easy to get help when you need it. with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go! [chanting] it's not just easy. it's geico easy. oh, duncan. stay up. no sleepies.
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>> police in new zealand slapping a terrorism charge against a man that murdered 51 people in two mosques in march. it's the first time officials have ever filed such a charge. if convicted, the suspect facing potentially life behind bars. the border patrol agents in southern california say detention facilities are so crowded that they have started dropping some migrants off at bus stations. jonathan hunt is here with more on that. this is a big surge. >> it is, trace. the el centro sector, there's a 40% of migrant families in the seven months through april compared with a year earlier. custom and border protection officials say they have no
12:48 pm
chance to release people because of legal limits on how long migrant children can be held. cvp dropped children off in san bernardino, east of l.a. and 150 miles north of the el centro sector of the bored. >> they're dumped. they have no money, no food, no access to a cell phone. >> the migrants in san bernardino said they feel safener the u.s. than in their home country of guatemala. they said they have been well-taken care of by cvp agents. >> trace: we talked about stress points but this is happening up and down the border. >> across the entire length.
12:49 pm
many sectors have seen high numbers of migrants crossing. now huge tents have been put up to try to provide shelter for more migrants along the border stretches. they're climate controlled, sleeping and recreation areas and each tent can hold up to 500 migrants. the president took to twitter to blame democrats for the flawed and broken immigration laws and to accuse mexico of having an attitude that the people from other countries including mexico should have the right to flow into the u.s. and u.s. taxpayers should be responsible for the tremendous costs associated with this illegal immigration. mexico is wrong, the president said and i will soon be giving a response. we'll see what that response is. given his own administration's numbers, trace, continually tell us that everything he's tried so far has failed. >> trace: thanks, jonathan. up next, a major retailer
12:50 pm
getting into a clothing rental business just in time for summer. folks in the new york city area might need a bigger boat this memorial day weekend. scientists tracking a great white shark there but it's not a bad thing. details on that ahead. first, a maryland man says he chased down a driver that crashed into his car, this is no ordinary crime fighter and not your run of the mill ride. trust a bat mobile replica worth about $175,000. >> the rocket launchers work, the jet flames work. the bad phone works. the radar screen lights up. there's a projector on the front of the car that projects the bat symbol. yeah, it's crazy. >> the guy said he was cruising along when somebody slammed into his right rear corner and sped away. he did what anybody would do.
12:51 pm
he went after them. >> i dialed 911. i'm chasing him on the bat phone. i'm chasing him down. he turned into a church parking lot. he came out, got out of his car and tried to offer me money, which wasn't going to happen. >> he says the other man turned over his info without getting the cops involved. the guy's insurance apparently covering the damage to the bat mobile. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. so call newday usa. they look at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score. and they'll do everything they possibly can to get you approved.
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>> trace: well, researchers say they're tracking a great white sharp not far from new york city. it's a male shark nearly ten feet long named cabot. laura ingle has more. >> we're on the the north shore of long island where the great white shark pinged his location
12:56 pm
here in the long island sound yesterday. now the creature is on the move, made a u turn and went around long island and last picked up southwest of montauk. i spoke with one of the lead researchers, chris fisher. he's part of the expedition leader that tells us today that his team believes that cabot could be heading northbound soon, possibly back to the waters of nova scotia: they attached a spot tag to his fin and took blood and tissue samples. it's not unusual nor a great white to be in the area. it's rare for a great white to be tracked as far west in the sound after he was monday. cabot is 533 pounds. researchers believe he swam in
12:57 pm
after bait fish. that means he's finding enough food in the ones depleted sound. researchers are happy about that. >> what does this mean for the sharp population overall? >> researchers told us today that they're very excited about cabot's movement because the large shark population is down 90%. that is a lot. in the early 2000s, the shark population got to about 10%. so finding these big sharks, tracking them and giving them room to mate and thrive is a big deal. now sharks like cabot have been tagged, research is showing that the big sharks are doing well. cabot has his own twitter handle. you can track him on the tracking app that has crashed
12:58 pm
several times ever since we've done the reports. now he's floating around by montauk right now. we'll follow him through the day. back to you. >> trace: very cool and scarry. thanks, laura. urban outfitters joining the clothing rental business. they announced they're launching a monthly summer service this summer. jackie deangelis reporting live on this. >> this is the latest trend in retail. it's been around a decade. rent a runway was one of the first companies. but yes, you can rent clothes, wear them a month and send them back. what is interesting about this, it's a diversification from brick and mortar retailers are struggling. urban outfitters is the next to do it and they're going to call it new leaf. you pay $88 a month. you can borrow six items from
12:59 pm
urban and their brands. you pick the items. they come to you. you get to use them and return them. they will launder them and then they will rent them to somebody else presumably. it's just an interesting business model. but what is driving the trend here, some of it is sustainability. some of it is the fact that the mentality of millennials is that we need new things and all the time for instagram posts, this is perfect for them. less than $20 an item. >> trace: why buy when you can rent? thanks, jackie. one of the most stories rival rivalries in sports will add a new element. the yankees and red sox will play each other on artificial turf. the teams are set to square off in london for a couple games in the end of june. it's the first time the league is hosting regular season games in europe. the league decided there wasn't enough time to install real grass. instead workers will put down gravel over a soccer field and
1:00 pm
the turf goes on top of that. on the corner of wall and broad, dow is up 193 points. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> we have to go. >> neil: tornadoes and flash floods and hail. in some cases the size of softballs. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. we're going to talk to a storm chaser that follows tornados in just a moment. first, fox team coverage on what we're looking at here. steve harrigan is in stillwater, oklahoma where they're dealing with massive flooding. and adam klotz on where the storms right now could be heading. we begin with steve. what's up, steve? >> neil, the tornadoes in